Sentence Examples

  • Like a somnambulist aroused from her sleep Natasha went out of the room and, returning to her hut, fell sobbing on her bed.
  • To Schroer this derivation seems improbable, and he appears to prefer that from Hebrew Mephiz, destroyer, To Faust himself, somnambulist and medium, Mephistopheles had - according to Kiesewetter - a real existence: he was "the objectivation of the transcendental subject of Faust," an experience familiar in dreams and, more especially, in the visions of mediums and clairvoyants.
  • With these should be classed his Inferno (1897) and Somngangarnatter (" The Nights of a Somnambulist," 1900).
  • She moved like a somnambulist, so trance-like Dean hesitated to speak for fear of startling her.