Sentence Examples

  • In view of the unhealthiness of Vera Cruz, the convention of Soledad was concluded with the Mexican government, permitting the foreign troops to advance to Orizaba and incidentally recognizing Mexican independence.
  • Several of the largest and finest sugar estates in the world are situated in the vicinity, including the Soledad (with a botanical experiment station maintained by Harvard University), the Terry and others - most of them connected with the city by good driveways.
  • 105 Military Plaza; at 128 Soledad is the Veramendi Palace, the residence of Governor Veramendi, father-in-law of Colonel James Bowie, and in this palace Colonel B.
  • It is over these passes - Soledad, 2822 ft., Cajon, San Gorgonio, 2560 ft.
  • There are no railways and no good roads, and these rivers and the navigable channels of the Cuxcuchopa, Soledad, Cocohital, Tular, and Tortuguero, are the principal practical thoroughfares in the state.