Sentence Examples

  • The forearms, which are extended, have been cast separately and soldered or brazed on to the elbows.
  • The Romans used it largely, as it is still used, for the making of water pipes, and soldered these with an alloy of lead and tin.
  • Mile of Warsaw in 1828, who termed it a "hydrostatic air-pump without cylinders, taps, lids or stoppers," this is attained by using, both for the inlet and the outlet, vertical capillary glass tubes, soldered, the former to somewhere near the bottom, the latter to the top of the vessel.
  • Thick going through, and soldered into the copper ball Bb.
  • Upon completion of the sifting, the tea is again fired, and while warm it is packed tightly into lead-lined chests, and the lead covers completely soldered over it, so that it may be kept perfectly air-tight until required for use.