Sentence Examples

  • Matrimonial jurisdiction was taken from the bishop of Sodor and Man in 1884.
  • SODOR AND MAN, the name of the bishopric of the Church of England which includes the Isle of Man and adjacent islets.
  • In 1154 the diocese of Sodor was formed to include the Hebrides and other islands west of Scotland.
  • The cathedral of Sodor was on St Patrick's Isle at Peel, and it is possible that the name Sodor being lost, its meaning was applied to the isle as the seat of the bishop. The termination "and Man" seems to have been added in the 17th century by a legal draughtsman ignorant of the proper application of the name of Sodor to the bishopric of Man.
  • By the latter part of the 16th century the terms Sodor and Man had become interchangeable, the bishopric being spoken of as that of Sodor or Man.