Sentence Examples

  • Daily Snopes provides a daily email list of stories circulating on the Internet and the message board allows individuals to post whatever rumor they heard to check with the community on its veracity.
  • The Internet can provide a valuable resource, since many urban legends are dissected by Snopes and other websites soon after making the rounds in chain emails and college dorms.
  • The urban legend Snopes created claimed that the famous pirate Blackbeard created the nursery rhyme "Sing a Song of Sixpence" as a coded pirate recruitment song.
  • Snopes Dupes TV show: A television show was the victim of research practices when it used a Snopes's bogus legend about Blackbeard's nursery rhyme.
  • Snopes staffers noticed that the show featured very obscure urban legends that were mostly only found on the Snopes website.