Sentence Examples

  • Attempts have been made, principally founded on some remarks of Huygens, to show that Descartes had learned the principles of refraction from the manuscript of a treatise by Willebrord Snell, but the facts are uncertain; and, so far as Descartes founds his optics on any one, it is probably on the researches of Kepler.
  • He then returned to Balliol as a Snell exhibitioner; became vicar of High Ercall, Shropshire, in 1750; canon of Windsor, 1762; bishop of Carlisle, 1787 (and also dean of Windsor, 1788); bishop of Salisbury, 1791.
  • WILLEBRORD SNELL (1591-1626), commonly known as
  • In 1613 he succeeded his father Rudolph Snell (1546-1613) as professor of mathematics in the university of Leiden.
  • A new departure, however, was made by Willebrord Snell of Leiden in his Cyclometria, published in 1621.