Sentence Examples

  • They were equipped partly with arms supplied by England, and partly with fowling-pieces, which at that period were superior to the small-arms used by the regular troops, and their intimate knowledge of the country gave them an immense advantage.
  • Under B - Gun factory, carriage factory, laboratory, small-arms factory, harness and tent factory, powder factory, &c. In a secondclass arsenal there would be workshops instead of these factories.
  • The metallurgic industries are well developed, and consist in the production of iron, steel, machinery, small-arms, lead articles, wire-cables and rails.
  • There are a large royal dockyard and a small-arms factory; there are also iron works, cotton, flour and macaroni mills.
  • It was an imputed omission on the part of the war office, and therefore of the war minister, to provide a sufficient supply of small-arms ammunition for the army which on the 21st of June 1895 led to the defeat of the Rosebery government.