Sentence Examples

  • These include SMA type I, also called Werdnig-Hoffmann; SMA type II; SMA type III, also called Kugelberg-Welander disease; Kennedy syndrome, or progressive spinobulbar muscular atrophy; and congenital SMA with arthrogryposis.
  • In general, when a family has already had a child with SMA, each subsequent pregnancy has a 25 percent chance of producing another child with SMA.
  • Parents must then decide whether to use the information to help them prepare for the arrival of a baby with SMA or to terminate the pregnancy.
  • Babies with this type of SMA have decreased muscle and trunk tone, resulting in floppiness of the limbs and weak arm and leg movements.
  • SMA type I is usually noted prior to birth, due to a decrease in the baby's movements in utero, or early in life.