Sentence Examples

  • De Slane (1842); F.
  • A development of ideals and a growth of spirituality can be traced which render the biblical writings with their series of prophecies a unique 1 This is philosophically handled by the Arabian historian Ibn Khaldun, whose Prolegomena is well worthy of attention; see De Slane, Not.
  • Dublin was saved by its inhabitants committing it to the flames, and, though nineteen victories were won, of which that at Slane in Louth by Robert was counted the chief, the success was too rapid to be permanent.
  • De Slane under the title of Histoire des Berberes (Algiers, 1852-1856); it contains an admirable account of the author and analysis of his work.
  • De Slane (3 vols., Paris, 1862-1868).

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