Sentence Examples

  • P. Skinner, Abyssinia of To-Day (London, 1906), a record of the first American mission to the country; G.
  • Among the clergy of postRevolution days the most eminent are Bishop Sage, a well-known patristic scholar; Bishop Rattray, liturgiologist; John Skinner, of Longside, author of Tullochgorum; Bishop Gleig, editor of the 3rd edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica; Dean Ramsay, author of Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character; Bishop A.
  • Skinner (1895) in Expos.
  • Skinner, "The Book of Isaiah," in Cambridge Bible (2 vols., 1896, 1898); G.
  • Isaiah, p. 9 seq.; Skinner, Kings, p. 359).