Sentence Examples

  • Silicon nitrogen hydride, SiNH, is a white powder formed with silicon amide when ammonia gas (diluted with hydrogen) is brought into contact with the vapour of silicon chloroform at -10° C. Trianilino silicon hydride, SiH (NHC 6 H 5) 3, is obtained by the action of aniline on a benzene solution of silicon chloroform.
  • It is ~asily seen graphically, or from a table of hyperbolic tangents, that the equation u tanh u = 1 has only one positive root (u = 1.200); the span is therefore 2X =2au =2A/ sinh U = 1.326 A,
  • If A, B have opposite signs the form is au = sinh mO, (24) this has an asymptote parallel to 0=0, but the path near the origin has the same general form as in the case of (23).
  • The hyperbolic or Gudermannian amplitude of the quantity x is ta n (sinh x).