Sentence Examples

  • There are numerous potty training philosophies that have been recorded by websites and books, with urinating dolls and even colorful sing-along videos designed to make the potty experience more enticing for your child.
  • Similar activities that are more conducive to cooperation among party guests include acting out scenes from the show, having a sing-along, and creating your own unique dance routine.
  • The park is affiliated with Nickelodeon, making it instantly popular with younger guests, and one of the most enjoyable family shows is the interactive Dora's Sing-Along Adventure.
  • The lovable little bears of the 1980s are still as popular as they ever were, and their catchy countdown theme remains a favorite sing-along for youngsters today.
  • A popular lounge singer at the hotel Utagoe Kissa in the 1970's, he was reportedly asked by a group of fans if they could have a tape recording of his songs for a company sing-along.