Sentence Examples

  • The place was originally called Corsignano and owes its present name to Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini, Pope Pius II.
  • The efforts of Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini brought matters into a channel more favourable to the Holy See; and an understanding with Germany was reached.
  • No apter estimate of his character can be found than the words of Aeneas Silvius himself: " He was a great-hearted man; but his chief error was that he was a stranger to moderation, and regulated his actions, not by his ability, but by his wishes."
  • IULUS, in Roman legend: (a) the eldest son of Ascanius and grandson of Aeneas, founder of the Julian gens (gens Julia), deprived of his kingdom of Latium by his younger brother Silvius (Dion.
  • Nicholas himself was a man of vast erudition, and his friend Aeneas Silvius (later Pope Pius II.) said of him that "what he does not know is outside the range of human knowledge."

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