Sentence Examples

  • Digital scrapbookers or those interested in creating hybrid scrapbook layouts may also want to check out the free papers and embellishments in the Winter Magic Kit by Monica or the Winter Kit Mini Freebie by Silvia.
  • But before this grouping had recommended itself to the Romans, with their legend of Mars and Rhea Silvia, the Greek Ares had again become under Macedonian influence a bearded, armed and powerful god.
  • The - grinatio of Etheria (Silvia), which dates from c. A.D.
  • His father was Gordianus "the regionary," a wealthy man of senatorial rank, owner of large estates in Sicily and of a palace on the Caelian Hill in Rome; his mother was Silvia, who is commemorated as a saint on the 3rd of November.
  • A similar picture is given in the Travels of the so-called Silvia Aquitana, who seems, in reality, to have been a Spanish nun, named Etheria or Eucheria.