Sentence Examples

  • From silicone straps to an array of rose gold and faux tortoise cases, the watches listed below satisfy the desire for lavish luxury and flirty fun, but perhaps their greatest attraction is the durability and style built into each model.
  • Say goodbye to harsh, stripping detergents and welcome natural and exotic ingredients, such as apple cider vinegar, olive oil, rich shea butter, and special silicone sealing agents that will caress your split ends into satin.
  • Unless you know your partner well and feel very comfortable together, there's nothing more shocking than removing the bra and hearing the "slap, slap!" of two silicone inserts falling to the floor in the heat of the moment.
  • The description on the Oakley website states that you get "flexible urethane construction, a non-slip silicone treated strap, triple-layer face foam with moisture wicking, and the clarity of an optically pure LEXAN® lens."
  • In the former, you'll find several nose pads for unique situations, for example, smaller sized plastic clip-on mounted nose pads or silicone covers that are designed to fit right over your existing nose pads.