Sentence Examples

  • Under later rulers the connexion with Bohemia brought the Silesians no benefit, but involved them in the destructive Hussite wars.
  • In spite of these reforms the Silesians, who felt severely the financial exactions of Matthias, began to resent the control of the Bohemian crown.
  • These privileges still remained to them at the outset of the religious Reformation, which the Silesians, in spite of their Catholic zeal during the Hussite wars, accepted readily and carried out with singularly little opposition from within or without.
  • Disquieted by some forcible attempts on Rudolph II.'s part to suppress Protestantism in certain parts of the country, and mistrusting a formal guarantee of religious liberty which was given to them in 1609, the Silesians joined hands with the Bohemian insurgents and renounced their allegiance to their Austrian ruler.
  • A greater measure of religious liberty was secured for the Silesians by the representatives of King Charles XII.

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