Sentence Examples

  • There are a variety of floor mats for your Toyota Sienna such as driver, passenger, rear, and cargo, so check out some of these super websites and stores to find ones that fancy you and your wallet.
  • Additional things you may want to look for when you shop for your Sienna floor mats may be rolled edges, which keep any dirt on the mat instead of migrating to the rest of the vehicle's floor.
  • If you search and find your Toyota Sienna does have a recall and you have not received a recall postcard, most likely the manufacturer doesn't have your current mailing address.
  • If you choose this route, you'll be purchasing aftermarket floor mats, but you will get the personal touch of their sales team to ensure you buy floor mats that fit your Toyota Sienna.
  • A former Toyota Sienna owner, this review pointed out that while many feel the Odyssey is an expensive minivan, they start at around $25,500 and at 60,000 miles, still run strong.