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  • But " Sidonians " is the usual designation both in the Old Testament and in the Assyrian monuments (Sidunnu); and even at the time of Tyre's greatest ascendancy we read of Sidonians and not Tyrians in the Old Testament and in Homer; thus Ethbaal king of Tyre (Jos.
  • 13, 2) is called king of the Sidonians in 1 Kings xvi.
  • 743 seq.) 2 And the Phoenicians themselves used Sidonians as a general name; thus in the oldest Phoenician inscription known (CIS.
  • Elsewhere " Phoenicians " are merchants, kidnappers, &c., " Sidonians " are artists; to indicate nationality both names seem to be used indifferently, e.g.
  • 3) the Sidonians are mentioned among the oppressors of Israel; but there is no record of any invasion of Israel by the Phoenicians, and the statement is due to the postexilic editor who introduced generalizations of ancient history into the book of Judges.

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