Sentence Examples

  • It was during his time at Shoebox Greetings that he created the character of an old lady with wild, curly hair, large tinted glasses, and a surprisingly piercing wit that struck a chord with consumers around the world.
  • Perhaps you have some tucked away from your childhood or found some in a shoebox at a garage sale, now you are asking yourself the question, "What is the value of old baseball cards?"
  • Originally developed for Hallmark by the artist John Wagner (nicknamed "arty-boy" by his character, Maxine), Maxine was only supposed to be a part of the Shoebox brand of cards.
  • John Wagner was a recent graduate from Vesper George School of Art in Boston, Massachusetts, and as an employee of Hallmark he became a part of the Shoebox Greetings group.
  • Printable box labels - Attach printed labels to your shoebox so that the volunteers at Operation Christmas Child can easily sort the boxes by gender and age category.