Sentence Examples

  • It forms a sheriffdom with Orkney and Caithness, and there is a resident sheriff-substitute at Lerwick, the county town.
  • Orkney forms a sheriffdom with Shetland and Caithness, and a resident sheriff-substitute sits at Kirkwall.
  • In the reign of his successor, Alexander II., the risings of Celtic claimants died out; he converted Argyll into a sheriffdom, and (1237) resigned the claims to Northumberland, in exchange for lands in the northern English counties g g with a rental of £200 yearly.
  • King David, a lad of eighteen, had returned from France and had removed this Douglas from the sheriffdom of Teviotdale, superseding him by Alexander Ramsay.
  • James had failed, practically, even in his effort (1427-1428) to anglicize parliament, by introducing the representative system; two " wise men " were to be chosen by each sheriffdom, and two Houses were to take the place of the one House in which all Estates were wont to meet.

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