Sheepe Definition

1598, Richard Hakluyt, The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques, and Discoveries of The English Nation, Vol. XII., America, Part I..
The grasse and herbe doth fat sheepe in very short space, proued by English marchants which haue caried sheepe thither for fresh victuall and had them raised exceeding fat in lesse then three weekes.
1756, Prosper Paleologus Constantine, Sir John Constantine.
Nay, Number it selfe in Armies importeth not much where the People is of weake courage: For (as Virgil saith) It never troubles a Wolfe, how many the sheepe be."
1850, Various, Notes and Queries, Number 59, December 14, 1850.
Hen. VIII. (Black letter), in Bodleian Library, occurs:-- "There was two men of _Gottam, and the one of them was going to the market to Nottingham to buy sheepe, and the other came from the market; and both met together upon Nottingham bridge.
1594, Richard Barnfield, The Affectionate Shepherd.
And when th'art wearie of thy keeping sheepe Upon a lovely downe, to please thy minde, Ile give thee fine ruffe-footed doves to keepe, And pretie pidgeons of another kinde: A robbin-redbrest shall thy minstrell bee, Chirping thee sweet and pleasant melodie.
1880, Richard Jefferies, Round About a Great Estate.
So, too, He leared his sheepe as he him list When he would whistle in his fist; and the shepherd still guides and encourages his sheep by whistling.

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