Sentence Examples

  • 30 Shawall (Shawwal) 29 Dulkaada (Dhu'L Qa`Da) 30 Dulheggia (Dhu'L Hijja) 29 And In Intercalary Years..
  • Then, on the st Shawwal (15th June 747), the first solemn meeting took place and the black flags were unfolded.
  • In the night before, Shawwal A.H.
  • The caliph, who wished nothing more than to be reconciled to his old faithful servant, was forced to take arms against him, and fell in battle Shawwal 320 (October 932), at the age of 38 years.
  • Damascus occupies an important commercial position, being the market for the whole of the desert; it also is of great importance religiously, as being the startingpoint for the Hajj pilgrimage from Syria to Mecca, which leaves on the 15th of the lunar month of Shawwal each year.