Sentence Examples

  • Leonardo, making use of fractions of the sexagesimal scale, gives X = I° 221 7 42" i 33 iv 4v 40 vi, after having demonstrated, by a discussion founded on the 10th book of Euclid, that a solution by square roots is impossible.
  • The Babylonian system was sexagesimal, thus (18) --
  • This whole class seems to cling to sites of Phoenician trade, and to keep clear of Greece and the north -- perhaps a Phoenician form of the 129 system, avoiding the sexagesimal multiples.
  • - The Egyptian notation was purely denary, the only separate signs being those for 1, io, too, &c. The ordinary notation of the Babylonians was denary, but they also used a sexagesimal scale, i.e.
  • The Babylonians adopted 60 for both these purposes, thus giving us the sexagesimal division of angles and of time.

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