Sentence Examples

  • The chief products are coffee, sesame, the sugar-cane, cocoa, vanilla and tobacco.
  • Local products, including kat, firewood, live animals, ghi, dates, honey, wax, gums and sesame oil, to the value of about £125,000, were exported in 1919-20.1,065 steam vessels of aggregate tonnage 2,736,391 and sailing craft of tonnage 365,569 cleared in the year ending March 1919.
  • Gum copal, ground-nuts and sesame are largely cultivated, partly for ' Numerous remains of a stone age have been discovered, both on the coast and in the hinterland.
  • The island is of great fertility - wheat, oats, barley, olives, sesame and valonia being the principal products, in addition to a variety of fruits.
  • The city is still very favourably situated for obtaining supplies of oils both local and foreign, including sesame, ground nut, castor oil, &c. In England, during the reign of Charles I.