Sentence Examples

  • There are also states which have certain of the attributes of sovereignty, but are subject to servitudes or burthens imposed by treaty, usage, the sense that in regard to the same matters at the or force.
  • The so-called " servitudes," however-that is, the right to pasture on and take wood from the landlord's estates-were maintained for political reasons.
  • But the maintenance of the " servitudes," the want of pasture-land, the lack of money for improvements, and the very rapid increase in the price of land, all helped to counteract the benefits of the agrarian measures of 1864.
  • With reference to their objects, treaties may perhaps be conveniently classified as (r) political, including treaties of peace, of alliance, of cession, of boundary, for creation of international servitudes, of neutralization, of guarantee, for the submission of a controversy to arbitration; (2) commercial, including consular and fishery conventions, and slave trade and navigation treaties; (3) confederations for special social objects, such as the Zollverein, the Latin monetary union, and the still wider unions with reference to posts, telegraphs, submarine cables and weights and measures; (4) relating to criminal justice, e.g.

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