Sentence Examples

  • Choose your current connection type - It's not actually necessary to know your connection type - the CNET servers will download a 50k image to figure it out - but if you know already, entering it here will increase the accuracy of the test.
  • Usually this would be a server installed with Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS), although Sun has a product called Chili!Soft ASP which enables ASP to run on other non-Microsoft servers such as Apache, Red Hat, and others.
  • While there isn't really much a service provider can do to stop the mechanism of a CGI proxy (webmasters also use PHP to create proxy websites), they can block traffic to the proxy servers themselves whenever they are discovered.
  • Making sure that your server is configured in a way that lets you use ASP is usually as easy as asking the web host; most servers come equipped with either shopping cart software built in or the ability to set it up in a few clicks.
  • Many businesses set up proxy servers to block certain websites that are considered unsafe for a work environment, and others will even use these servers to monitor what the employees are doing during the day.