Sentence Examples

  • If you want to move beyond creating digital scrapbook pages to make calendars, greeting cards, or other paper crafts on your computer, Serif PagePlus SE is an excellent option.
  • The Helvetica font is a sans serif font, which means the characters have clean lines with no tabs or ticks protruding from the edges, unlike Times New Roman.
  • The clean lines of the font (without the serif curlicues that decorate Times or New Roman type fonts) made it immensely popular in print and design.
  • FONT FACE: This tag defines the look of the font itself, ranging from serif (such as Times-New Roman) to sans-serif (Arial-Helvetica, for example).
  • Full digital scrapbook programs like Scrapbook Factory Deluxe, MemoryMixer and Serif Digital Scrapbook Artist include tons of embellishments.