Sentence Examples

  • It is found in the buboes in ordinary cases, in the blood in the so-called " septicaemic " cases, and in the sputum of pneumonic cases.
  • One of the results of recent observation is the classification of plague cases under three heads, which have already been mentioned several times: (1) bubonic, (2) pneumonic, (3) septicaemic. (The word " pesti-caemic " is also used instead of " septi-caemic," and though etymologically objectionable, it is otherwise better, as " septicaemic " already has a specific and quite different meaning.) It should be understood that this classification is a clinical one, and that the second and third varieties are just as much plague as the first.
  • (3) In septicaemic cases the symptoms are those of the bubonic type, but more severe and without buboes.
  • When it is not prevalent the diagnosis is never easy, and in pneumonic and septicaemic cases it is impossible without bacteriological assistance.
  • (3) Septicaemic cases.