Sentence Examples

  • - a sensualist but no fool - received the maladroit and almost insolent inquiry Trojan est-il content?
  • At first a sensualist, like Condillac and Locke, next an intellectualist, he finally shows himself a mystical theosophist.
  • A story describing how the domestic happiness of a young tutor, who marries the unacknowledged daughter of a Russian sensualist of the old type, dull, ignorant and genial, is troubled by a Russian sensualist of the new school, intelligent, accomplished and callous, without there being any possibility of saying who is most to be blamed for the tragic termination.
  • Accordingly, in the Republic he has no objection to trying the question of the intrinsic superiority of philosophic or virtuous' life by the standard of pleasure, and argues that the philosophic (or good) man alone enjoys real pleasure, while the sensualist spends his life in oscillating between painful want and the merely neutral state of painlessness, which he mistakes for positive pleasure.
  • They are but one appetite, and we only need to see a person do any one of these things to know how great a sensualist he is.