Sentence Examples

  • If you have little to no patience for new products where the kinks are still being worked out, you might be better off with a LitterMaid self-cleaning box that uses scoopable litter or a system like Scoop Free.
  • By and large, self-cleaning litter boxes use a combination of clumping cat litter, an electronic sensor and an automated raking system to detect soiled clumps of litter and push them into a waiting receptacle.
  • The most trusted brands in electric razors make several different lines that feature different charging options, different cutting styles, and optional features such as self-cleaning functions.
  • The LitterMaid™ is a fully automated self-cleaning litter box that uses an electronic sensor and raking mechanism to scoop eliminations into a disposable receptacle.
  • There is another type of self-cleaning litter box, but the term "self-cleaning' is a bit of a misnomer since you must roll the box from side to side yourself.