Sentence Examples

  • Once people had their chat with the artist and had made their selections, they settled in and the atmosphere seemed more like a party.
  • He and Fred did not enjoy the same music so when both were home the five-disc machine usually contained two jazz selections for Dean, two country and western for Fred, and a pop group neither liked but both could tolerate.
  • Veitch, Method, Meditations and Selections from the Principles (1850-1853; I Ith ed., 1897; New York, 1899); by H.
  • Seward: an Autobiography from 1891 to 1834, with a Memoir of his Life and Selections from his Letters (3 vols., New York, 1891), by his son, Frederick W.
  • Mackintosh's Selections from the Literature of Theism (useful texts with useful notes: nothing from Hegel).