Sentence Examples

  • SeaWorld San Diego opened its doors in 1964 with a few dolphins and sea lions and two seawater aquariums.
  • Flip flops: Brides who get married at the beach sometimes go barefoot or wear beach-friendly shoes like flip flops, which are not only made for comfort, but won't get messed up from sand and seawater.
  • Some damage, such as sand and seawater, is potentially repairable, while paint splashes, rips and grease stains are not.
  • Water Makers- A device that converts seawater into drinkable fresh water.
  • Further Physical Properties of Sea-water.---The laws of physical chemistry relating to complex dilute solutions apply to seawater, and hence there is a definite relation between the osmotic pressure, freezing-point, vapour tension and boiling-point by which when one of these constants is given the others can be calculated.