Sentence Examples

  • Add a bead of sealant into the gap and let it dry completely.
  • Morrow introduced its signature burnt orange color, which was originally intended as a water sealant that would be painted over, but locals came to love the color so much that they convinced Morrow to leave the sealant as the final coat.
  • After being heat-cured, the tiles retain their natural color and are porous, which means that they have the ability to absorb water.To make them non-porous, they need to have a sealant or glaze applied to them.
  • Forget the tablecloth - If you have a beautiful wooden table that you want to show off, as long as it is covered in a protective sealant, you can skip the tablecloth and let the table shine through.
  • Well, although water is not the prime environment for your Ugg boots, a water-resistant spray sealant is available for you to apply to your Uggs, making them useful for rainy conditions.