Sentence Examples

  • Longer hair came back into vogue in the 1940s. 1950s hairstyles saw the rise, literally, of bouffants, beehive hairdos and other fussy styles that had to be sculpted and sprayed into submission on a regular basis.
  • Keep in mind that while some people seem genetically fortunate to have a six-pack midsection, this highly sculpted look isn't possible in those who biologically keep more fat around their middles.
  • When people think of Tuscany, they envision sprawling vineyards: rows of vines, sculpted cypress trees, rambling stone walls, winding dirt roads, weathered farmhouses, moss covered villas, blue skies and bright sun.
  • European lingerie leans toward the flirty, feminine side with detail on the straps, lace here and there, and sculpted lines meant to pay homage to the beauty of the female body's curves and ethereal glow.
  • Sculpted appearance: If having rock hard abs and defined biceps are important goals, training programs focused on strength can help you attain sculpted muscles that clearly show off all of your hard work.