Sentence Examples

  • Patients with SCID should be treated aggressively with antibiotics for any infection, and intravenous immunoglobulin should be given to replace the antibiotics the children cannot make, but these treatments cannot cure the disorder.
  • As an example of gene therapy for SCID children with ADA deficiency, the child receives periodic infusions of his or her own T cells corrected with a gene for ADA that has been implanted in an activated virus.
  • Genetic counseling is recommended for parents of a child with SCID who are considering having more children and for potential parents who have a family history of the disease and believe they may be carriers.
  • Research is continuing into in utero treatment options, and some in utero treatments have been successfully carried out, so fetal screening may be helpful if there is a possibility that the child has SCID.
  • As early as three months of age, however, the SCID child begins to suffer from mouth infections (thrush), chronic diarrhea, otitis media, and pulmonary infections, including pneumocystis pneumonia.