Sentence Examples

  • ANDRONICUS OF RHODES (c. 70 B.e.), the eleventh scholarch of the Peripatetics.
  • 3), we find the names of Phaedrus (who became scholarch at Athens c. 70 B.C.) and Philodemus (originally of Gadara in Palestine) as distinguished Epicureans in the time of Cicero.
  • Aristo is frequently confounded with another philosopher of the same name, Ariston of Iulis, in Ceos, who, about 230 B.C., succeeded Lyco as scholarch of the Peripatetics.
  • This second phase of the activity of the school closes with the comprehensive labours of Alexander of Aphrodisias (Scholarch, c. 200), the exegete par excellence, called sometimes the second Aristotle.
  • In 347 the dying philosopher nominated his nephew to succeed him as scholarch, and the choice was ratified by the school.

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