Sentence Examples

  • On the 17th of July the crusaders, the aged doge Dandolo at their head, scaled the walls and took the city by storm.
  • Fish are plentiful in the Nile, both scaled and without scales.
  • After a short search, she found a small cave and scaled the boulders in front of it.
  • He looked up instinctively, sensing something different about this thunder.  It didn't sound like the rumbling thunder he'd heard in the mortal world.  It sounded like an explosion in the sky.  The jungle canopy blocked his view, so he leapt up to catch the branch of the nearest tree.  He scaled the tree quickly, stopping only when he broke through the layers of leaves.  More tiny explosions came, and he twisted to see what they were.
  • Her years of training led her to a conclusion she couldn't yet embrace: that the only way to hide the large-scaled planning would require someone on the inside of the government.