Sentence Examples

  • Savart (" Memoire sur la constitution des veines liquides lancees par des orifices circulaires en minces parois," Ann.
  • Savart showed, by a suitable isolation of the reservoir from tremors, whether due to external sources or to the impact of the jet itself in the vessel placed to receive it.
  • Two laws were formulated by Savart with respect to the length of the continuous portion of a jet, and have been to a certain extent explained by Plateau.
  • When the head is given, Savart found the length to be proportional to the diameter of the orifice.
  • The pitch of the note, though not absolutely definite, cannot differ much from that which corresponds to the division of the jet into wave-lengths of maximum instability; and, in fact, Savart found that the frequency was directly as the square root of the head, inversely as the diameter of the orifice, and independent of the nature of the fluid - laws which follow immediately from Plateau's theory.