Sentence Examples

  • The Sault Sainte Marie canal passes two and a half times as much tonnage during the eight months it is open as the Suez canal passes in the entire year.
  • At Sault Sainte Marie in 1671, before representatives of fourteen Indian nations, the Sieur de St Lusson read a proclamation asserting the French claim to all the territory in the region of the 'Great Lakes.
  • They call themselves Anishinabeg (" spontaneous men"), and the French called them Saulteurs ("People of the Falls"), from the first group of them being met at Sault Ste Marie.
  • Dunton was assisted by Richard Sault and Samuel Wesley.
  • The city is a railway centre of some importance, and is served by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St Paul, the Minneapolis, St Paul & Sault St Marie, and the Chicago & NorthWestern railways, by interurban electric lines, and by steamboat lines connecting through the Fox river with vessels on the Great Lakes.