Sentence Examples

  • 7) every Sabbath day (probably on two golden saucers; see Jos.
  • The spores should be thinly sprinkled on the surface of the soil in well-drained pots, which should stand in saucers filled with water and be covered with glass plates.
  • The uppermost saucers of the pile become detached successively and swim off.
  • (I) In the Korra/30s Si òu43 t4 cw shallow saucers (4143a4a) were floated in a basin or mixing-bowl filled with water; the object was to sink the saucers by throwing the wine into them, and the competitor who sank the greatest number was considered victorious, and received the prize, which consisted of cakes or sweetmeats.
  • Sarah's eyes were wide as saucers and Jackson knew he had no choice.