Sentence Examples

  • The premise behind how it works is that your smell and taste receptors send different messages to your brain which results in the release of hormones that trigger a sense of satiety.
  • Children with BED may have been taught to clean their plates regardless of their satiety or that their finishing a meal makes them a "good" girl or boy.
  • Still, the purpose of the book remains clear throughout: End the vicious dieting circle and learn to celebrate what's on your plate, which will increase satiety, and lead to an overall reduction in calories.
  • Individuals with PWS lack the ability to feel full or satiated because of a flaw in the hypothalamus part of their brain, which normally registers feelings of hunger and satiety.
  • Indifference and satiety spread speedily; the bourgeoisie forsook the reformers directly they had recourse to violence (February 1358), and the Parisians became hostile when Etienne Marcel complicated his revolutionary work by intrigues with Navarre, releasing from prison the grandson of Louis X., the Headstrong, an ambitious, fine-spoken courter of popularity, covetous of the royal crown.