Sentence Examples

  • Even though these special lenses are primarily for cosmetics or for fun, they still touch your eyes and can introduce bacteria and infection if you don't keep the lenses well cleaned and sanitized with contact lens solution.
  • Whether you learn the scarier versions or the more sanitized version, the powerful images of the girl wearing a red hood - and usually a cape - confronting a wolf dressed in her grandmother's clothing are indelible.
  • These self contained units break down and dehydrate human waste to a compost product that can be added to the soil, sanitized and compacted by the drying and composting process.
  • For the best results, your grinder should be cleaned in this manner before the first time you use it to guarantee a clean and sanitized environment for your herbs.
  • While waiting in line to see Santa, do not let children touch or play with ropes, poles, or other queue markers or decorations that may not be properly sanitized.