Sentence Examples

  • Families with members from a mixture of racial, cultural, and religious backgrounds, as well as families made up of same-sex couples who are raising children, may also benefit from family therapy.
  • As the show continued into the next seasons the producers started branching out to Chicago, L.A., and other cities to find African-Americans, low-middle class couples, and even same-sex couples.
  • The Defense of Marriage Act, signed by President Bill Clinton in 1996, prevents federal recognition of same-sex marriage and allows states to ignore same-sex licenses from outside their borders.
  • Searching for same-sex partners on the popular is easy with drop-down search menus that let you enter your sex and that of your ideal match; it is the same basic format for all users.
  • Kinsey (1894-1956) found that 2 percent of women and 10 percent of men were exclusively homosexual and that 37 percent of men reported having at least one same-sex experience after adolescence.