Sentence Examples

  • Unfortunately this salutary legislation remained a dead letter.
  • He, however, like his father Alp Arslan, was indebted for his greatest fame to wise and salutary measures of their vizier, Nizam ul-Mulk.
  • There is only one answer; the principal cause of this complete and irretrievable collapse is to be sought for in the folly, egotism and selfishness of the Polish gentry, whose insane dislike of all discipline, including even the salutary discipline of regular government, converted Poland into something very like a primitive tribal community at the very time when every European statesman, including the more enlightened of the Poles themselves, clearly recognized that the political future belonged to the strongly centralized monarchies, which were everywhere rising on the ruins of feudalism.
  • Through this, and his excessive subservience to Philip the Fair, his reign proved the reverse of salutary to the Church.
  • 19), but the belief in its existence and in the punishment of wrong-doing was salutary (ii.