Sentence Examples

  • Two pairs of salivary glands open into the buccal cavity.
  • Of the salivary glands the parotid is by far the largest, elongated in the vertical direction, and narrower in the middle than at either end.
  • A, Anus; at, antenna; F.I, F.2, first and second feet; j, jaws; L, lips; oe, oesophagus; or.p, oral papilla; ph, pharynx; R, rectum; s.d, salivary duct; s.g, salivary gland; sl.d, slime reservoir; sl.g, portion of tubules of slime gland; st, stomach; T, tongue in roof of mouth.
  • The salivary glands are the modified nephridia of the segment of the oral papillae.
  • They enclose the jaws (j), mouth (M), and opening of the salivary glands (o.·), and so give rise to the buccal cavity.