Sentence Examples

  • Sagittarian men are truly some of the most terrific people to be around, and once the male archer turns his charms on you and flashes that brilliant smile, it won't be long before you fall head over heels.
  • If given the choice between two potential partners, one with a sunny disposition, and another with a dour expression, a male Sagittarian will always choose the individual who is smiling.
  • Sagittarian men are willing to overlook many things, including someone who does not display any athletic abilities or is taciturn, but they will not overlook cruelty to animals.
  • Sagittarian males truly see life as an adventure, and they need to know that they can take whatever journey they choose.
  • That is, women who are who are gregarious, adventurous, funny and outgoing; all typical Sagittarian traits.

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