Sentence Examples

  • Jimenez, David, et al. "Endoscopy-assisted wide-vertex craniectomy, barrel stave osteotomies, and postoperative helmet molding therapy in the management of sagittal suture craniosynostosis."
  • Frequencies of the types of craniosynostosis based on suture classification include: sagittal (50-58%); coronal (20-29%); metopic (4-10%); and lambdoid (2-4%).
  • The skull generally lacks a sagittal crest; and the condyle of the lower jaw is transversely elongated.
  • The latter is, in comparison with mammals, represented by its middle portion only, the vermis; in a sagittal section it shows an extremely well developed arbor vitae, produced by the transverse, repeated folding of the whole organ.
  • The first is a ventral flexure in the antero-posterior or sagittal plane; the result of this is to approximate the two ends of the alimentary canal.