Sentence Examples

  • Bucknell was in Pennsylvania, and Ryder College, where Jen attended, in New Jersey.
  • Jen, the valedictorian of her class, was to attend Ryder College in New Jersey and major in English Literature.
  • Ryder and C. G.
  • In 1874, while captain of the "Audacious," he served for three years as flag-captain to viceadmiral Ryder in China; and finally he was appointed, in 1880, to command the "Thunderer" in the Mediterranean.
  • Nordenski?ld, in the " Sophia," landed near Angmagssalik, in 65° 36' N., in 1883.9 Captain C. Ryder, in 1891-1892, explored and mapped the large Scoresby Sound, or, more correctly, Scoresby Fjord.10 Lieutenant G.