Sentence Examples

  • Among interesting ancient buildings may be mentioned the palace within the fort, containing an armoury and fine library; and the Brihadiswaraswami temple, of the r rth century, enclosed in two courts, surmounted by a lofty tower and including the exquisitely decorated shrine of Subrahmanya.
  • - The formula for the rth term is easily obtained.
  • These numbers constitute an arithmetical progression of the rth order.
  • In this way we get the general rule that, to find the sum of n terms of a series, the rth term of which is (a+rb) (a+r+ i � b) ...
  • Every unit of the rth species which does not vanish is the product of r different units of the first species; two such units are independent unless they are permutations of the same set of primary units e i, in which case they are equal or opposite according to the usual rule employed in determinants.