Sentence Examples

  • Printable instructions for assembly and installation are available on The RTA Cabinet Store website, which can help you determine if this is the kind of project you could take on yourself.
  • The RTA Cabinet Store also has a great online tool called the Custom Kitchen Layout Tool that you can use to help plan and design your new kitchen cabinet project.
  • The RTA Cabinet Store will ship your ready to assemble kitchen cabinets directly to your home.
  • The same word does not appear elsewhere; but we find its two parts separately, such as Gurung pre, Murmi pre, Taksya phre and Takpa gyet, Serpa gye, Garo chet, &c. Rta (horse) is reduced to to in speech, but we find ri, rhyi, roh in Sokpa, Horpa, Tochu, Minyak, and td, tah, teh, t'ay in Lhopa, Serpa, Murmi, Kami, Takpa, &c., both with the same meaning.
  • Rta, Pers.